Board of Directors

Attorney Barry Levenfeld,
Chairman of the Board

As a practicing lawyer in a major law firm, my involvement with the Adam Teva V’Din board is refreshingly different.  Environmental advocacy can be as challenging and complex as the world of high finance, and in many respects the stakes are greater. I am proud of Adam Teva V’Din’s long record of accomplishments and the respect in which it is held by the highest echelons of the Environmental Protection Ministry, other government agencies, and Israel’s top law firms.
I see the incredible devotion of Adam, Teva V’Din’s staff, working tirelessly to advance the cause of Israel’s environment and climate. 
They deserve our support.

Board Members

Anat Moseinco, Attorney
Amnon Toledano, Clinical Psychologist

Jubran Jubran, Attorney & Notary

Alon Carmeli, Entrepreneur

  • Yael Biran, Attorney
  • Dr. Ahouva Windsor, Environmental Psychologist
  • Eyal Avrech, Engineer
  • Jeremy Lustman, Attorney