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The organization

When was Adam Teva V’Din founded?
In 1990, by Alon Tal and other young Israelis and Americans who wanted to use their training in law, science and urban planning to protect Israel’s environment and natural resources, in line with the US models of environmental advocacy pioneered by EDF-Environmental Defense Fund and by NRDC-Natural Resources Defense Council.

What are the sources of your funding?
We’re supported by philanthropic foundations and individual donors from the USA, Europe and the UK, as well as by individual Israeli donors. 

Is Adam Teva V’Din apolitical?
Yes, of course, Adam Teva V’Din has no affiliation to any political party. We promote the environmental rights of all Israelis, regardless of their politics. 

How does Adam Teva V’Din differ from other environmental organizations?
Our work is rooted in our professionalism of our lawyers, scientists and urban planners, all of whom have years of experience in their fields. We believe that the combination of legal expertise and solid science is the basis of our success.

How do you decide which issues to promote?
We work according to a five-year strategy and annual plans. That way, we have clear goals and objectives to guide our advocacy.  We maintain a ‘watchdog’ presence in that we also intervene with legal or other actions when a major environmental issue arises which isn’t covered by our strategic programs.


What are your most outstanding achievements?
Adam Teva V’Din introduced environmental advocacy in Israel. Our strategic focus is on the human, lived-in environment. Over the years, we initiated, drafted,  and promoted the Coastal Protection Act (2004), the Clean Air Act (2008) and several bills and regulatory amendments relating to solid waste management and recycling. Long-running legal action by us brought about clean-up of the Kishon River, and we also secured through the High Court of Justice rulings that limited the use of the coast for real estate ventures, guaranteed the free admission of all to public beaches and public municipal parks. Recent achievements include the block on expansion of the polluting Israel Oil Refineries petro-chemicals complex in Haifa Bay.

Do you accept suggestions from the public regarding your advocacy programs?
We are always ready to hear your suggestions for our advocacy programs, although we cannot provide individual counselling or representation regarding specific cases.

How do petitions contribute to your work, and why is it necessary to provide personal details?
By signing a petition, you are letting us know which environmental issues are important to you. Signed petitions give us backing when making our policy demands or other advocacy interventions. We ask you to provide personal information so that we know you’re not a robot but a genuinely concerned citizen.

Do you give lectures?
In normal times, yes. But not during the Covid-19 pandemic. Follow our social media to learn about opportunities to participate in Zoomed events, or sign-up for our newsletter.

How can I keep up to date with what Adam Teva V’Din is working on?
Visit this site, follow our Facebook and sign up for our monthly newsletter. Make sure you’ve signed up! 


Why are monthly donations preferable to one-time donations?
We welcome all types of donations. Sometimes we’ll campaign to boost our monthly donations because we have a ‘matching gift’ opportunity. Choose your way to give and we’ll always be grateful!

How do you use my donation?
Over 80% of our income goes to program support, i.e. the activities of our advocacy experts and our media teams.

Is my donation to Adam Teva V’Din eligible for tax deduction?

  • In Israel, we are a recognized association for the purpose of receiving a tax refund under section 46 of Israel’s Tax Ordinance.
  • In the USA, contributions in US $ are eligible for tax deduction via Friends of Israel’s Environment (FIE)
  • In the UK and in Canada, donations made via Jgive.com are eligible for tax deduction.

Is it possible to volunteer with Adam Teva V’Din?
We welcome volunteers who can contribute to our programs through research, writing, translation, etc. We advertise on Facebook whenever there’s an opportunity coming up.

Questions? Contact us at info@adamteva.org.il