Your donation at work

Thanks to the generous donations of individuals and philanthropic foundations, we are able to maintain long-running advocacy interventions. We keep on going back to the courts, to planning boards and to policy-makers – for years – for however long it takes, to put a stop to industrial pollution. It means we can work with key stakeholders to build support for change in environmental governance. And we can repeatedly demand from lawmakers that they take the environment into account, not just for the here and now, but for the long term.

To make our advocacy effective, we need to invest in understanding the causes of environmental problems. We then base our interventions on the expert opinions of our own in-house team.

We strive for maximum organizational efficiency so that we can make the best use of your donations, and focus primarily on achieving results.

Israeli donors speak:

Without Adam Teva V’Din, the Haifa beaches around the marina and Carmel Beach Towers, the Allenby Interchange would have become an urban disaster area.

Shmuel Gelbhart, donor for over 20 years

Adam Teva V’Din is one of the few Israeli organizations that thinks long-term. Without it, Israel’s environment, health and quality of life would have been significantly harmed.

Raviv Levy, donor since 2007.

I donate because I believe there is nothing more important than protecting the environment and the planet for future generations.

Miri Neiman, donor since 2013

Adam Teva V’Din represents the interests of the majority against those of the powerful, rich, connected and self-interested minority that exploits land and natural resources for its own advantage. The public does not have enough time, knowledge or means to act. Adam Teva V’Din represent me in such struggles.

Michael Hochstetter, donor since 2007.

Adam Teva V’Din is the most serious, reliable, local and effective body in the field of environmental protection in Israel.

Yehuda Halevy, donor since 2014

I contribute because I appreciate the meaning of the name Adam Teva V’Din – ‘man, nature & law’. Adam Teva V’Din is dealing not only with the environment, but also with the lives and rights of people who live and work in and for the environment.

Arza Churchman, donor to 20 years

You are an organization that works on the influential level of legislation and enforcement. You get significant and important results that directly affect our health – protection of the beaches and public spaces, nature reserves and water sources. And you make sure that polluting companies take responsibility and repair the damage. More power to you!

Sharon Shemesh, donor for 20 years.

Adam Teva V’Din’s activities in planning and transportation, in pollution regulations and pesticides-reduction, and in promotion waste disposal reform guarantee us a better future. It would have been good if the government promoted these issues as part of their duties. But at least we have someone to watchdog their activities and to remind them of their duties – thank you Adam Teva V’Din!

Dror Feitelson, donor for at least a decade

Your support empowers us to develop and advance hard-hitting litigation and innovative legislative programs. Thanks to you, we have a team of experienced environmental attorneys supported by scientists and planners who are experts in their fields.