The Dead Sea

Remediate the Dead Sea
The Dead Sea is an iconic natural wonder. After decades of exploitation it's time to rectify past errors and recognize that rehabilitation of the Dead Sea is a national duty.

Rehabilitation of the Dead Sea is a top priority.

Every possible step should be taken to stop the decline of the northern basin and to restore this natural wonder.

The 2030 end of the concession constitutes an opportunity for a comprehensive plan to save the Dead Sea and to make decisions beyond the question of the future of the concession. The plan must be based on a broad and independent examination of the implementation of Government Resolution 2863, which states that “Promoting the future of the Dead Sea requires in-depth research on the economic, environmental, limnological and geological implications of the Dead Sea and its environment.”

Stopping mineral mining in the Dead Sea is a necessary step but it is not enough. The plan must examine other aspects such as restoring the flow of Jordanian waters and restoring the entire region from past damage.

If the State of Israel decides to continue extracting minerals from the Dead Sea, the process of selecting the new concessionaire must be utilized to protect the environment, and actions to rehabilitate the Dead Sea and the area must be anchored in the process of selecting the future operator.