Prevent the next oil disaster!
Preserving the future of Israel's shores. Tar pollution on beaches is a shocking end but known in advance! Only with your help will we prevent the next ecological disaster.
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    What are we doing to change the situation and prevent the next maritime ecological disaster in Israel? As soon as the disaster became known, a professional emergency team was established at Adam Teva VeDin, whose job is to act urgently for a fundamental and systemic change that will prevent the next disaster and lead to minimizing damage from similar disasters. Promote immediate budgeting of beach rehabilitation and disclosure of details pertaining to disaster management. 3. Work to eradicate the next disaster and anchor the plan to deal with pollution incidents at sea within the framework of a budgeted and binding law. Promotion of a law establishing a maritime authority – so that Israeli legislation will apply to Israel’s economic waters and allow the various uses of the deep and near sea to be properly managed, ensure proper environmental supervision in the maritime space and allow such disasters to be anticipated. 5. Work together with the Coastal Authorities Forum to promote a planning management mechanism that will ensure the protection of the ecosystem and give coastal cities and councils the tools to deal with coastal pollution and environmental and other environmental and marine damage. Promoting integrative management of the beaches in Israel in cooperation with the coastal authorities in the protection of the coastal environment. 6. We have drafted and we are promoting a climate law for Israel, which will bring an end to the use of fossil fuels – oil and its products and a full transition to renewable energies.

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      We need you – public support! Because the state and the authorities must act quickly to eradicate disaster and restore maritime space! • So that we can return to the sea after a year of doing our rifle at home! • Because the next ecological disaster must be prevented! • Because the long-term damage of the tar disaster is still unclear! • Because we – the public – pay the price for government failures! • So we can go back to the sea. We need you now more than ever. Together we will prevent the next catastrophe!

      We are working in the courts and the Knesset to put an end to legal abandonment in our seas – by anchoring the plan to deal with marine pollution in a binding law with state budgeting, and promoting a bill we wrote to establish a sea authority that will regulate Israel’s responsibilities and obligations in economic water.